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A Little Bit About Me (Or, Ramblings Typed Out Late at Night)

Current Mood: Procrastinating on studying for APUSH. 

Hello! If you're reading this, buckle up because I'm going to go off on a lot of tangents here, but I feel that since this is my profile, I should showcase my FABULOUS personality. I'm inevitably going to leave out a lot of important details about myself. But it's not like this is a resume or anything, so I have nothing to worry about!!!

So...if you haven't already gathered from my extensive collection of photos, I am obsessed with many things. Namely, TV shows and movies and anime and the like. I would add more, but I'm sure you'd all get overwhelmed by my stellar taste in various forms of media. Try them all out for yourself. 

No, seriously, pick out a picture of mine. Or two. Or all of them. And then go and explore what the picture depicts. I swear, I'll love you forever. *okay, warning: a few of them have violence and gore in them, nothing that would be rated above PG-13, but like. just a warning in case you're squeamish or 6 years old*

Ah, and here I will go with the actual information and none of the fluff.

I have been playing piano since the age of 5, under the guidance of 3 separate teachers, but I have (sadly) stopped recently due to the stress of my new school. I started composition lessons in the beginning of 2014, and my composition teacher, the illustrious Julie Harris, lives a little bit of an hour's drive away from my house. A big stretch and a lot of lugging my father back and forth, but I don't ever regret it. Of course I don't, why else would I have taken them for over a year? I'd say that I'm not particularly talented in composition. Actually, I'm not really that particularly talented in anything (but many people will deny that fact for some odd reason), and I could give a speech for hours about my mediocrity, but that's not something you'd want to hear.

I am currently in the tenth grade at the Early College at Guilford, which is about as nerdy and academically challenging as it sounds. Which means, intensely nerdy and academically challenging. And also, I'm surrounded by geniuses who constantly remind me of my less-than-averageness, stupidity, and lack of major accomplishments. But that's okay because this is my FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION!!! Wow, it's absolutely wonderful!!!!!

I have no idea what else I should write in here because I'm not very accomplished so I'll start going on a long spiel about whatever comes to mind. Yes, hello, if you're still here, feel free to continue on, though I should warn you that it's not going to be very professional (pshh this entire thing is not very professional). 

SO I'm a 14 year old female and I have too many interests, not enough time, and self esteem lower than the number of my friends (though I'd rather have 5 $100 bills than 500 pennies), and this got really personal really quickly.

I like many things, like the things that my pictures show (and a whole lot more than the few pictures I have up), cherry blossom trees, music (as long as it's not country. I'm sorry but I can't stand it. I can listen to anything from death metal to rap to video game soundtracks, but if you try to make me listen to country, my ears will start to bleed), people that can keep up with my personality, my dog, scrolling aimlessly through the internet, writing, food, and reading. 

I dislike many things also, but that list would be way too long to keep anyone's interest.

I spend a lot of my time doing absolutely nothing. Well, not really, I'm sure I'm doing something, but nothing really productive. Well, you know what, watching my favorite TV shows is productive. Listening to music is productive. Lying in my bed thinking about the insignificance of individual human life is productive.

But that is problematic because it makes me an awful procrastinator (like almost every other human. like most of teenagers. and if you've never procrastinated, you're a liar or a robot or a god among humans because HOW), and that's never a good thing. You could seriously give me 86 years to do something and I would still wait until the last minute to do it. And that's absolutely awful because I want to do so many things but I'm just such a bad human in general that I can't find the motivation or will to do anything so I just kind of sit there wallowing in my own self pity while everyone around me is accomplishing something and doing something with their lives. 

Eh, have I written enough? I think I've written enough. I hope you kind of know what my personality is like from this wall of text. I bet that you think it's absolutely dreadful. It is. It's awful. But if I pretend that my personality doesn't exist that's even worse, isn't it? Well, I don't know, some people's personalities are to be mean and that's never good and you'd actually prefer them to act like their personality doesn't exist. 

If you ever meet me in real life, I'm probably not going to spit this all at you. You'll probably see me wearing a t-shirt advertising one of my fandoms, and if you try to come up and talk to me I'll probably just mumble and be super duper awkward but I swear I'm not mean, I'm just really sarcastic and I say things at the wrong times and please don't mistake my sarcasm for genuine unkindness. 

Well. Bai.

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At 2:20pm on October 11, 2015, Harmonia said…

Happy Birthday, Sylvia!   Hope you had a spectacular day at QuizBowl yesterday and that you are celebrating your birthday in style!   Many happy returns of the day.

At 2:30pm on December 22, 2014, Harmonia said…

You are so right, Sylvia - there are many treasures still to be added to the RepertoireBank.  How exciting that you and Ian and Bethany and many others will be adding wonderful pieces in the coming year.   Since each piece requires time and research to approve, we're asking each member to limit their entries to 10 per game.  Right now we're in the WarmUp round, and we'll start the first Game January 1st.   Thanks again for your great input!!

At 11:24pm on December 20, 2014, Harmonia said…

Wow, Sylvia!  Ten new pieces in - congratulations!  Your experience with QuizBowl has really built your knowledge of repertoire.  You just earned 100 extra points. 


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