* ReMix 2014 - Film scoring competition

ReMix 2014 - Film scoring competition 

Welcome to ReMix 2014!   A special group of gifted film makers has given permission for VirtualArtists composers to write new film scores for six award-winning films.  Each film is between 1 - 4 minutes long.   Each composer may choose one of these short films and re-score it for this competition.  Enjoy!

Allowable Short Film list:  Duration (duration without credits)

mi'au myau - Vida Vega  1:00 (0:58)

Lexi - by Nina Paley  2:20 (1:53)

Warm Winter - Xin Li  3:00 (2:34)

The Umbrella - Xin Li  3:01 (2:19) 

The Writer - by Edson Oda  3:00 (2:56)

YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ - by Gavin Heffernan & Harun Mehmedinović - 3:59 (3:41)

Please read the instructions carefully!  
Failure to follow the instructions may disqualify your entry.

Competition schedule:

  • by Saturday June 14, 2014:  Announce your intention to enter by posting a comment on this page.  Please include the name of the film you have selected for scoring.  Your selection must come from the approved list above.  One film per composer, please.   The limit for each film is seven composers, so sign up for your favorite soon!
  • by Saturday July 26, 2014, midnight EST :  When your film is ready, notify us with a post on this thread.  You will be sent a private email with instructions about uploading your .mp4 file and .pdf file to your own personal MyVault account.
  • Short List winners will be selected by VirtualArtists judges, then made available for public voting.  Both the Short List winners and the period of public voting will be announced on this page.
  • The winning score for each film will be presented in a concert/symposium on Saturday, September 13, 2014, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   Winning scores will also be shared with the film makers and the general public. 


  • Composers must be aged 13 or older, and can be either students or professionals in the fields of Classical music, Jazz, or Film Scoring.
  • All music included in the score must be original.
  • Each entering composer must be a member of VirtualArtists.com, a free, moderated online community for Collaborative Media and Music Education.

Orchestration, Scores, and Finished Product:

  • You may write for any combination of orchestral or concert instruments or any computer-generated sounds, as long as you are able to create a score as described below.  NOTE:  You do not have to write for full orchestra, but can use any combination of instruments, including solo instruments. 
  • We require a written score for two reasons:  1) for students and other composers to study and 2) for possible future performance by a symphonic orchestra.   It is fine, however, to supplement the orchestral score with additional computer-generated sounds.  Your film score therefore must include a written score that could be realized by live players plus synchronized computer-generated sounds.  The percentage of these two elements is up to the composer!
  • The finished product will be the film you chose remixed with your new score and saved as an mp4.  This mp4 file should be presentation-ready.  We will be showing the films at a symposium on 21st century composing to be held Saturday, September 13, 2014, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Entrants to date:  (Each film can have up to 7 composers)


  1. Michael Tauben - London, United Kingdom
  2. Elizaveta Sanicheva - Moscow, Russian Federation
  3. James Smith - Orange City, FL, USA
  4. Caio Menezes Facó - Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
  5. Tim Janiszewski -Park Ridge, IL, USA
  6. Nikola Radosavljevic - Krusevac, Serbia
  7. Vincent Newton - USA


  1. Nadav Amir-Himmel  - Jerusalem, Israel
  2. Norbert Hoffmann - Seefeld in Tirol, Austria
  3. Pamela Madsen - Laguna Beach, CA, USA
  4. Iván Alhucema - Bogotá, Colombia
  5. Joris Dhooghe - Flanders, Belgium
  6. Luigi Morleo - Bari, Italy
  7. Paul Gelsing - Oss, Netherlands


  1. Cymphoni Fantastique - Houston, TX, USA
  2. Glenn Kingsley Mortimer - Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  3. Joe Kelly - Liverpool, United Kingdom
  4. Wally Zelinski -Rockaway, NJ, USA
  5. Jakub Polaczyk - Krakow, Poland
  6. Fernando N. Gonzalez -Northridge, CA, USA
  7. Louis Sauter - Longjumeau, France


  1. Russell Powell - Fort Worth, TX, USA
  2. Michael Wadkins - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
  3. Natalie Moller - Los Angeles, CA, USA
  4. David Berlin - Gibsonia, PA, USA
  5. Symone Davis - El Paso TX, USA
  6. Matthew David Wheeler - Fresno, CA, USA
  7. Bethany Brinson - Holly Springs, NC, USA

    1st STANDBY:  Evagelia Siarvali - Thessaloniki, Greece


  1. Pedro Luis Toledo-Martinez - Mexico City, Mexico
  2. Peter Hawkey - Bristol, United Kingdom
  3. Noah Balamucki - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  4. Nima Ranjbar - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  5. Ben Larson - Bend, OR, USA
  6. Daniel Clive McCallum - Topanga, CA, USA
  7. Tim Shaw - Potters Bar, United Kingdom


  1. Chase T. Christensen - Kearney, NE, USA
  2. Patrizio Trivellini - New Haven, CT, USA / Italy
  3. Michael Maiorana - Pleasant Ridge, MI, USA
  4. Jorge Torres - Mexico City, Mexico
  5. DuNiKu - Beijing, China
  6. Harmeet Singh - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  7. Nicholas Taylor - USA

Here is a partial list of software that can help you with your film scoring:  Film Music Software List

Here are instructions for enabling cookies on most browsers and operating systems: Enabling Cookies

UPDATE 7/30/14 11 pm:  ReMix2014 Films are now available for Public Viewing at: VirtualArtists.tv

UPDATE 8/10/14:  The judges have selected a short list.  You can see the judges' votes here:  ReMix Short List Voting.  Short listed winners are:

Mi'au Myau - 1, 2, and 3
Lexi - 1, 2, 4
The Umbrella - 1, 2, 5
The Writer - 1, 2, 3, 5  (5 and 2 were tied, so we are allowing 4 entries)
Warm Winter - 1, 3, 4
Yikaisdaha - 1, 2, 4

UPDATE 8/12/14:  Public Voting has begun:  Remix 2014 Public Voting 

UPDATE 8/12/14:  View latest voting results here:  ReMix 2014 Public Voting Results


UPDATE 8/31/14:   Here are the winners from our Public Voting:

Lexi-2, by Joris Dhooghe from Flanders, Belgium
Mi'au myau-1, by Elizaveta Sanicheva from Moscow, Russian Federation
The Umbrella-2, by Bethany Brinson from Holly Springs, NC, USA
The Writer-3, by Tim Shaw from Potters Bar, United Kingdom
Warm Winter-4, by Jakub Polaczyk from Krakow, Poland
Yikaisdaha-2, by DuNiKu from Beijing, China

The VirtualArtists Staff also picked their favorites:

Editor's First Choice:  Mi'au myau-2 by Michael Tauben from London, United Kingdom
Editor's Second Choice: Mi'au myau-3 by Nikola Radosavljevic from Krusevac, Serbia

In our opinion, these two scores best represent the joyous energy of our film scoring program!  

Here is a list of all the short list winners.  

Lexi-1: Luigi Morleo from Bari, Italy
Lexi-2: Joris Dhooghe from Flanders, Belgium
Lexi-4: Norbert Hoffmann from Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

Mi'au myau-1: Elizaveta Sanicheva from Moscow, Russian Federation
Mi'au myau-2: Michael Tauben from London, United Kingdom
Mi'au myau-3: Nikola Radosavljevic from Krusevac, Serbia

The Umbrella-1: David Berlin from Gibsonia, PA, USA
The Umbrella-2: Bethany Brinson from Holly Springs, NC, USA
The Umbrella-5: Russell Powell from Fort Worth, TX, USA

The Writer-1: Ben Larson from Bend, OR, USA
The Writer-2: Noah Balamucki from Chapel Hill, NC, USA
The Writer-3: Tim Shaw from Potters Bar, United Kingdom
The Writer-5: Peter Hawkey from Bristol, United Kingdom

Warm Winter-1: Wally Zelinski from Rockaway, NJ, USA
Warm Winter-3: Glenn Kingsley Mortimer from Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Warm Winter-4: Jakub Polaczyk from Krakow, Poland

Yikaisdaha-1: Patrizio Trivellini from New Haven, CT, USA and Italy
Yikaisdaha-2: DuNiKu from Beijing, China
Yikaisdaha-4: Michael Maiorana from Pleasant Ridge, MI, USA

Congratulations to each of you for creating such an exciting competition!


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Comment by Wally Zelinski on August 11, 2014 at 6:28pm

When does voting start?

Comment by Ben Larson on August 9, 2014 at 11:47am

Congrats winners! :)

Comment by Harmonia on August 9, 2014 at 11:21am

We now have a short list of films selected!  Two of our judges are on holiday and didn't get to vote, but the other 18 judges all enjoyed watching your films and reported that it was hard to choose!   The short list was selected by taking the 3 versions of each film that received the most votes from our judges.  Here is the short list, which will go to public voting after our programmers finish their setup:

Mi'au Myau - 1, 2, and 3

Lexi - 1, 2, 4

The Umbrella - 1, 2, 5

The Writer - 1, 2, 3, 5  (5 and 2 were tied, so we are allowing 4 entries)

Warm Winter - 1, 3, 4

Yikaisdaha - 1, 2, 4

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a film score, and special congratulations to the composers of the short list films!

Comment by SoftDesigns on August 4, 2014 at 9:27am

Note:  The judges are not voting on "Mi'au Myau".  Since there were only three entries, all three have moved forward to the Short List.  Congratulations to the composers who scored that delightful film.

Comment by SoftDesigns on August 3, 2014 at 10:49pm

The short list judges have begun watching the films and voting.  There are 20 judges and they have a week to make their decisions.  You can follow up-to-date voting here:  ReMix Short List Voting

Comment by SoftDesigns on August 1, 2014 at 11:02pm

Greetings Matthew:  The judges are currently selecting the short list based on the movies alone.  Your scores were used to verify each composition before going to the initial judging, and may be used again for reviews, study and sharing composition techniques. 

Comment by Matthew David Wheeler on August 1, 2014 at 7:23pm

Are we judged on our written scores? or just the rescored movie?

Comment by SoftDesigns on July 31, 2014 at 5:44pm

Jakub, we sent you a private email with some suggestions and with the name of your entry.

Comment by Jakub Polaczyk on July 31, 2014 at 2:35pm

Hello, Some of the movies I can not play from the VirtualArtists.tv site. I can also not find my example of the "Warm Winter". Is everything ok with my submission? Jakub

Comment by Matthew David Wheeler on July 30, 2014 at 11:40pm

Okay, thank you so much.  

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