* How to create .mp3 files from Finale or Sibelius

How to create .mp3 files
from Finale or Sibelius

Summary: Audio files can be saved in many formats, including .wav files and .mp3 files.  Finale and Sibelius both create .wav files which then can be converted to .mp3 files.  Here are the steps involved in this process:

Step 1:  (Finale 2011)


Step 1:  (Sibelius 6)

Both methods above save the file as a .wav file.  If you use another notation software, or a different version, just save your file as a .wav file.

Step 2: Convert .wav file to .mp3:

There are many software packages that can do this conversion. Our favorite is this one, which is free and runs on the Internet without a download:

media.io free online converter

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