* Bach Sinfonia No. 9 F minor - BWV795 - Glenn Gould

Celebrating the great Glenn Gould:  September 25, 1932 - October 4, 1982

"One can only wonder what Gould might have done had he lived a full life — he had many plans and spoke of them with customary enthusiasm — but I have no doubt that he would have loved the internet above all. Can you imagine an unfettered Gould finally able to remove the middlemen and record whatever he wanted, as often as he wanted to, and immediately share the results with his audience?"

-- Tim Page, NPR Classical,  September 25, 2012

Although Gould seemed to be ahead of his time - a prophet even - when he saw people preferring to listen to music on recordings rather than in the concert hall, what he didn't see was that technology would make recorded music so available and anarchic. The LP record's hi-fidelity made it possible for him to live comfortably on the profits of his royalties. It would be impossible for him to do this in today's higher-fidelity, streaming, reproducing marketplace where questions are being raised about the ability to maintain copyright control on any level. Nevertheless he created a new way of thinking about recorded music where the LP became an art form in itself - not just a replica of a live performance -- Stephen Hough

Here he plays Bach's powerful F minor Sinfonia 

Glenn Gould Plays Bach Sinfonia no. 9 in F Minor

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