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* Short films for film scoring

Short film suggestions for film scoring practice

2016 UPDATE:  Our short film collection is being moved to our new Music Education site, MusicWiz.club.  When the move is complete, you will be able to access the list from either VirtualArtists.com or MusicWiz.club. 

MusicWiz is mobile-ready and uses the latest technology to keep your favorite information available on all devices.  MusicWiz also features a highly…


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* Piano Adventures Level 1 - Nancy and Randall Faber

Piano Adventures Level 1 – Nancy and Randall Faber

This series of books works very well for the young beginner.  The Lesson and Performance books are particularly helpful.   Students really enjoy singing along as they play, which is excellent for their ear training.  New concepts are introduced clearly and at appropriate times. All in all, it’s a great series for the younger…


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* Let students compose poems with MuseScore (or Sibelius or Finale...)

About melody

I usually teach my students that music contains the following elements:

  • melody
  • harmony
  • rhythm
  • timbre
  • dynamics
  • structure

Sure this list can be discussed, but I've found it working. My simple definition of melody is "a bunch of single tones in a meaningful order". Again, "meaningful order" is a subject of debate, but I usually give my students the following "rules" for the "meaningful order",…


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* Composer's Corner: Notation Check List

NOTE: The above picture is tongue in cheek - how NOT to write a legible score!!!

Just when you think your new piece is finished, that's the time when editing begins!   This checklist will help you ensure a professional quality score.  The more you incorporate…


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