VirtualArtists is an Internet Suite for collaborative music learning.  Classical and jazz musicians, film composers and church musicians come together to make VirtualArtists a lively gathering place.  The VirtualArtists Suite is composed of three parts, pictured in the above triangle.   

Virtual Artists Community is a free platform for social networking and sharing.  VirtualArtists community members enjoy all the benefits of a members-only social network that is child friendly, music centered, private and secure.  Forums and blogs and all shared items have moderators to maintain the high quality that is a trademark of VirtualArtists.   You'll never see an ad - only inspiring pictures and encouragement from your friends and colleagues.

VirtualArtist Studio is a set of professional tools which are indispensable for music teachers, students, and other lifetime musicians.  These tools are available to subscribers and include database storage and tracking to:

  • Help teachers schedule lessons, save lesson summaries, track student progress and achievements, track repertoire and performances, track student compositions and awards
  • Allow students to review lessons, record progress, and track their repertoire, practice, and compositions
  • Help composers track their commissions, premieres, performances and awards
  • Allow performers to list their repertoire, performances, and programs
  • Plus much more!

VirtualArtists Outreach offers free tools which are made available to the public from time to time to create special events and programs such as:

  • Online games for the international community
  • Online classes or workshops
  • Composition competitions
  • Writing contests
  • Round-Robin composing or arranging
  • Virtual recordings involving performers from around the world
  • Plus much more!

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