Software List

Here are some FREE software packages that student film composers might find very useful:

Downloading videos (  Film composers may want to download the video they are studying in order to pull it into a video process program, a music notation program, or to simply watch it frequently.  This software allows you to download videos to your own machine.  PLEASE OBSERVE COPYRIGHT LAWS!   All the videos in our Film Bank are available by permission of the film makers.  Please do not download from YouTube or other sources without permission. 

Online Conversion to AVI (  Many of the video processing programs require or work best with an AVI file.  This free, easy to use conversion program runs on the internet and does not have to be downloaded to your machine.   In some cases, the conversion will actually improve the quality of the video!

Combining Video with your new Audio (VirtualDub)  Easy to use tool lets you turn off the old sound of a film and insert your own new composition and save the result.  This program opens several formats, including AVI files.

Problems opening AVI files? (Xvid Codec)  This link allows you to install Xvid Codec.  Xvid Codec is a video encoding and decoding (playback) codec.  For those of us who are musicians and not techies, "codec" is shorthand for "encoding-decoding".  A codec encodes a data stream or signal for transmission, storage or encryption, or decodes it for playback or editing.  In other words, this program just helps other programs read or write your video files correctly. 

Audio Editor and Recorder (Audacity)  Audacity allows you to edit or record sound files.  You may want to edit your score to make it fit the film, or record your own music and sounds. 

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