What are you listening to today,
and what drew you to that particular piece, performer, or genre?

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Today I was listening to the Rachmaninoff "Vespers"  -- pure choral -- so lovely.

At the UNC Community Music School Open House yesterday, I had a long discussion with our master guitarist, Billy Stewart.  I loved the stories he told me about Rodrigo and the background of a piece I've always loved, "Fantasia para un Gentilhombre" - Fantasy for a Gentleman.   So last night and today I've been immersing myself in the source of Rodrigo's inspiration, followed by the composition based on the pieces by Gaspar Sanz.  Here is one movement of the original by Sanz:


It's fascinating to hear how Rodrigo developed this brief musical idea into a full-blown masterwork:



Great discovery , thank you!

Harmonia said:

Right now I'm listening to Janine Jansen - Szymanowski: Mythes

It's mystical and captivating and riveting.   I just "discovered" this superb violinist, Janine Jansen, and can't get enough of her playing.  Now I want the score for this music!

Janine Jansen - Szymanowski: Mythes

I love this section of Virtual Artists. Much inspiration to be found here. And it has inspired my teaching to include what I call for my students "ear candy". Which I generally include now at the end of a lesson as a treat for both of us. I usually pick a piece with a purpose related to where the stundent is in their development or to expand horizons. It's given the lessons a big boost of new energy. How appropriate to have music as the reward for younger students!!

Leo Ornstein - Suicide in an Airplane

Currently one of my favourite piano pieces.


Another composer I stumbled upon recently - a Finnish composer, Einojuhani Rautavaara.

I'm currently listening to his 7th symphony, mvmt iV:


Oh, Robert, thanks so much for that link to Rautavaara's 7th.  I love his music and that movement was the perfect thing for the day before another major snow storm.  Do you know his Song of the Arctic - Cantus Arcticus?   Definitely winter music, at least for me!  But you live in California - do you even have winter?  ;-)

What a wonderful piece of music --the Cantus Arcticus!  Thanks for this.

Here is a photo to supplement listening to Cantus Arcticus taken in the antarctic for the filming of "The Last Continent" for PBS by Robert Radin.

Beautiful pic - thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for posting Cantus Arcticus Julie. Beautiful music. I also really enjoy having the score to follow as the music progresses. It must be challenging to get all the birds together to do live performances of this piece however.  ;-)

Hi Robert!   Thanks again for telling everyone about Rautavaara.  I laughed and laughed at your comment - now I can just imagine all those birds at a rehearsal ...  ;-)

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