What are you listening to today,
and what drew you to that particular piece, performer, or genre?

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In short it's music where timbres of instruments and the way they interact are the most (or at least very) important elements of the music.

I'm afraid wikipedia can explain better than I can... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectral_music 

Beethoven, Beethoven and Beethoven! I've been reading Jan Swafford's biography and listening to the works one by one. I had largely ignored B's music for some reason and now while reading about his life I find his music fascinating too. If you haven't heard this delirious fugato from Op 106 Allegro risoluto, you must! Beethoven got all jiggy with the counterpoint.


I'd like to introduce David Ross, a writer who has joined our new music site, MusicWiz.club.  His latest article, Elegy in Red and Gold, introduced me to the late Eva Cassidy.  Many of us have heard "Autumn Leaves" umpteen times, but Eva's recording is something different, and very much in season right now.  Enjoy the recording, and enjoy David's wonderful writing!

Quite an exquisite recording indeed! Thank you David for introducing us to this pearl.

Harmonia said:

Enjoy the recording, and enjoy David's wonderful writing!

Here's a note Bettina sent - so cool!

RE your thread about Autumn Leaves:  This section of the Mozart Piano Sonata in F Maj. K332 has always sounded to me like the harmonic source (sequence of chords) for the Autumn Leaves song.  I can’t play it without associating it with that song.  And it seemingly comes out of the blue after the exposition of themes.  Have always loved it.
The section she's talking about is around 1:17 in this recording, and comes in several times, being a sonata after all:
I agree with her - I always thought of the "Autumn Leaves progression" when playing this sonata.  More likely I should have thought about Mozart when hearing Autumn Leaves!!  ;-)


Here's this year's discovery for me (although it's somewhat old by now):

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