This is the thread for the actual recording project. Stay tuned! I'll be uploading sheet music and click tracks later today.

And drop a line here, which will activate your automatic messages to your e-mail box, when something happens here.


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What a great Christmas Eve present, B!  I know Johan will be delighted!   We'll let Ray decide about the place to post - I had thought it would be easier to find all the parts if you uploaded them into the Virtual Choir dropbox.  But if this works for Ray, it's great!  When other people post messages or files, it's easy for the files to get lost when they are interspersed among all our various musings.   So Ray, what would you prefer?

Merry Christmas to all of you!   From the short days and cold nights of Finland and Scotland to sunny California to "just right" North Carolina, may all of us have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks for that, Bettina. It was a nice present. I tried to send a copy of your recording to the dropbox, but I messed it up. I really should read the manual or something. Now there are extra folders that I accidentally created. Anyway, we seem to be on track. My voice is sounding better and better after the flu. I could sing all the time, but with that stupid nasal hollow flu sound.

Well, I've been away for Christmas but fortunately with family rather than the misfortune of last years time in hospital. Eating drinking and now detoxing :[]

A very merry to you all! now what's this about my preference? I better look in the Virtual Choir dropbox :)

Johan, it looks like you're not getting very many singers to participate!  I wonder if Christmas/New Year holidays are a difficult for folks to do a music project?   Anyway, it looks like only one part has been recorded - the alto.  Thanks so much to Bettina for recording and posting in the middle of the busiest time of year.  Now how about the others?   Where are the singers?

Johan, I moved the alto part to VirtualChoir Dropbox.  We should put all the recordings in this place.  Ray can then find them in the VirtualChoir Downloads.

Please let me know how I can help.  I'm not a singer, but I'd like to ensure the success of this project.  It's a lovely musical setting, Johan, and deserves to be heard.

I actually was on my way to record the bass part today. It's New Year's Eve and I went to the town square to listen to the town hall clock tower to strike 6 pm. It's the first time in some 25 years the clock strikes again. They have restored the original 19th century clockwork, which was replaced 25 years ago with an electric clockwork, which worked for 10 years. Now they expect the restored original clockwork to work another 100 years. It was a marvelous moment. Anyway, my car was really dirty after a 1000 km trip to my wife's parents and I went instead to the car wash.

But I'll do the recording as soon as possible. We have Bettina's alto, we will have my bass and maybe both bass and tenor by Dale. But as we decided earlier, we are in no hurry. No problem, as long as we don't forget the project totally. We have the "Light-Life" project waiting to be started and we should finish this before that. As it has been pointed out earlier, the more singers, the better. I could try to get a few more singers. One of my old college friends got a bit interested and she has a lot of choir friends.

What a marvelous story about the clockwork!  So the electric one lasted 10 years, as opposed to the 19th century original projected to last 100 years.  I love that. 

I also think a clean car will go a long way toward a good recording.  ;-)   Grace and her mom are planning to sing soprano, but Christmas break here is a long period of getting out of the regular schedule.  When Grace comes back, I'll remind her.  I do hope Dale records soon!

I'm glad you're not in a hurry.  This will unfold beautifully, in time, like your restored clockwork.

I uploaded two recordings of mine, both are bass part. It may or may not sound bad, if same singer is heard twice.

I would imagine it will be great to have Johan & Johan on bass!  I'm sure the two recordings are not identical, and will give more depth.  Now we need soprano and tenor!!   Dale and Grace and others - hope you can record soon!

Johan Halmén said:

I uploaded two recordings of mine, both are bass part. It may or may not sound bad, if same singer is heard twice.

I can easily make Johan sound like someone else without artifacts. The technology exists but we really need the other parts.


On second thoughts, given time I can create them

I can easily make Johan sound like someone else without artifacts.

Ok, how about Michael Bublé. :)

We're working on getting more singers. We need them for Bettina's song, too.

February 14th is the deadline

...for Bettina's song. My suggestion is that while you're at it, record your part of "Angels sang", too, while you have the equipment set (mic, recorder, headphones, mp3-player, rest of the family at grandma...)

If I recall correctly, there's use for the recording of Bettina's song in the spring. So that should be our priority right now. My song is mainly needed for promotional purposes this spring, while the time for a public exposure would be later in the fall, sometime when the first signs of Christmas appear.

Ok, here are the plans! First priority right now is Bettina's song! Learn your parts. Record them. If you want to record my song with the same setup, you can do it, but it requires you to learn both songs before recording. And have it done before Feb 14th. We have postponed my song to fall. Bettina and I have already recorded our parts to my song and you are welcome to do it whenever you have time.

But let's make Bettina's song first!

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