Virtual Choir - first recording - "June" - April - May 2013

VirtualChoir is an experimental project for online recording choral collaboration.  The first piece we will record and perform is "June" by the very talented composer Grace Gollmar.  The full score and .mp3 files are now available in the VirtualChoir Downloads for all singers to download.


  1. Open the VirtualChoir-Downloads page
  2. Open the folder "June - Master" and download the three files.
  3. Practice your part, using the score and the .mp3 file.  There are two .mp3 files, one with click track and one without.  The click track counts off four beats before beginning the piece.
  4. Once you have learned your part, record your part to a new .mp3 file, listening to the click track through headphones as you sing into the mike.
  5. Upload your .mp3 file, with your voice only, using the VirtualChoir-Dropbox.    In the "Name" area, put your full name as you would like for it to appear on the concert programs, followed by the part you are singing.  Please include "1st" or "2nd" in the part name.  Example:  Joe Quincy Doe, 1st bass.

Sound Englneers:   After the deadline for recordings has passed:

  1. Open the VirtualChoir-Downloads page
  2. Open the folder "June - Recordings" and download the files created by the singers.
  3. Mix the files and use your magic to create the finished sound
  4. Create one .mp3 file named "Complete Recording" and upload using the VirtualChoir-Dropbox.

If you have questions, suggestions or any other comments, please reply to this discussion.


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I hope the next Virtual Choir performance will have a live video stream from whichever event it will be.

On the playback of "June" on whatever system?

Just as I expected, enjoy!

Ray (the consummate amateur professional)  :)

Thanks Ray and Johan! 

Ray, I loved that picture you posted of "the little bit of culture"!   What were you all playing?   It's an intriguing mix of instruments.

Ok ... now I have to go practice the piano.  Bye!

Have a great event all. Enjoying lovely Pasadena, California. I'll be there in spirit. :) -Ron

Hope you're having a great vacation out on the West coast, Ron.  We on the East coast say "howdy" and look forward to sharing with you when you return!!   Enjoy tomorrow, when you "awake to find yourself in June".  We will all have a special feeling for the month of June from now on ...   Thanks to Grace.

90 minutes of June. So far it's very beautiful. Living at 60° N makes the night very special this time of the year. The Northern sky is very light in the middle of the night. I've always thought Tchaikovsky's May - Hälle Nächte (from Seasons op. 37) is wrongly translated to Starlight Nights.

We even have our own Nightingale here, which sings in the night. Right now. Outside my house.

Best wishes to Julie and Grace and everyone attending and performing in the concert tomorrow.   Will be thinking of you.

Johan, thanks for the "preview" of June -- sounds lovely.

Johan, what a lovely gesture - to welcome us all into June before our own June arrives.  I love these long days and soft nights.   Our days are not as long as yours and Rays, but long enough to have a thousand different angles of light in one day.  I think of these as Debussy days - his music seems full of sunlight and shadow and the sound of water and the long light of late afternoon ....

All the rehearsals today went beautifully.  I think we are all ready for A Beautiful Evening in June.   Wish I could hear the Nightingale - that's a music I've never heard. 

See y'all later!!!

Have a great evening and best wishes for a great performance from all connected with the event.
Here at only 56 degrees north it's an unusually sunny morning so June is starting really well.

That's filmed at 1:30 am with my phone a week ago. You can hear the nightingale singing. The pale light is the Northern sky. The bird was sitting on a telephone line 20 yards from me. I could see it, but it was too dark for the camera, which is a shame, because the nightingale is very shy and can seldom be seen. That was the only sound I heard, except for another nightingale 200 yards away.

No wait! There was a magpie, too.

Johan, I so enjoyed hearing your nightingale!   That was a rare and special treat for someone whose ornithological fare runs to cardinals, sparrows, bluebirds and the raucous bluejay!!  I did hear a mockingbird the other day, but no nightingales here.  Do they sing all night long?  

Everyone, the concert was wonderful.  I was too close and too involved to be objective or even totally sane, but according to the very large audience, everyone thought it was our best concert ever - and we've had some amazing concerts!  Folks loved "June" and they were very intrigued with the stories of the Virtual Choir.  So, you were a hit and it was a night to remember!

This forum discussion is now closed.  Please feel free to start other discussions related to Virtual Choir creation, or to compose a new piece for Virtual Choir.  As always, the quality of the music is the highest priority.

Thanks to all who took part in this project.


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