I've been writing Christmas songs for a certain Mr. Brecken. Julie knows what I'm talking about. I have three songs ready, fourth on its way. This fourth one got to be a song for a mixed choir and a piano. Mr. Brecken has written the lyrics for the song and I can't show the lyrics without his permission, but I thought I'd share my music with you. If Mr. Brecken agrees, I would nominate this song as the next song for the Virtual Choir to record.

So much can I reveal that it's a Christmas song, praising Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Saint Mary.

There's no time table yet for it. No occasion where it should be played for public.

The attached soundtrack consists of an uncompleted choir part played by piano, which you hear slightly panned to the left, and an equally unfinnished accompanying piano slightly to the right. The piano drops away soon after the beginning, but should follow in a similar way the rest of the piece.

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Ok, I got the green light. They think every publicity is good. If we record the song, we could expose it in any way we want, as long as we respect the rights of the lyricist and the composer.

That is exciting!  Why don't you start a new thread, with the title of your new piece.  Next steps, to be completed very soon:

1.  Upload sound track with click track, sound track without click track, and pdf of the score.   Upload these to the Virtual Choir Dropbox.   When it asks you to enter your name, enter the name of the piece followed by "Sound Files".

2.  Could you write a brief article (blog) about the piece and the project in VA?  I will be sending invitations to a lot of choir directors, singers, and composers  in this area to tell them about our Virtual Choir and the upcoming projects.   My hope is to have links to VA articles that tell them more about each individual piece.  Remember this is international PR!  

I will send out the invitations as soon as I have a good article about your piece and about B's piece.

Here's to gorgeous choral music!

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