Virtual Choir - first recording - "June" - April - May 2013

VirtualChoir is an experimental project for online recording choral collaboration.  The first piece we will record and perform is "June" by the very talented composer Grace Gollmar.  The full score and .mp3 files are now available in the VirtualChoir Downloads for all singers to download.


  1. Open the VirtualChoir-Downloads page
  2. Open the folder "June - Master" and download the three files.
  3. Practice your part, using the score and the .mp3 file.  There are two .mp3 files, one with click track and one without.  The click track counts off four beats before beginning the piece.
  4. Once you have learned your part, record your part to a new .mp3 file, listening to the click track through headphones as you sing into the mike.
  5. Upload your .mp3 file, with your voice only, using the VirtualChoir-Dropbox.    In the "Name" area, put your full name as you would like for it to appear on the concert programs, followed by the part you are singing.  Please include "1st" or "2nd" in the part name.  Example:  Joe Quincy Doe, 1st bass.

Sound Englneers:   After the deadline for recordings has passed:

  1. Open the VirtualChoir-Downloads page
  2. Open the folder "June - Recordings" and download the files created by the singers.
  3. Mix the files and use your magic to create the finished sound
  4. Create one .mp3 file named "Complete Recording" and upload using the VirtualChoir-Dropbox.

If you have questions, suggestions or any other comments, please reply to this discussion.


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I just downloaded the three files. I'm going to record the 1st bass.


 I had an unexpected break today and time to look more closely at the process for learning and recording my part for "June".  I opened my (free) copy of Audacity (on Mac) looking for which software to record in (Quicktime is the other option).  Audacity allowed me to import the June-click mp3 file into one track, play and listen, record a2nd track for voice over the click track, and if needed I can record a 3rd track with piano line as support for my part to help me with pitches if/as needed.  All is coordinated with a time track and then, when finished, I can export only my voice track pulled out of the mix.   I had not remembered this was possible but . . . it is and works very well.  I tested it today.  That is my plan of action re technology and recording.

Thanks so much, B.  I will dust off my copy of Audacity and try it out! 

Did I miss where you said the deadline date? 

What do you need the time track for?

Its not a separate time track, in Audacity it just shows up laid out clearly in a timeline which allows precise coordination of various tracks.  The way I am using it at the moment: track 1&2 are the stereo mp3 file imported from the provided click-track of "June".   Track 3 will be piano entries to support pitches for my Alto2 part - I will play these in and record.  Track 4 will be the track I record my Alto2 part once I've practiced with the other tracks.  When I'm done recording I will export only track 4 (my voice) to an mp3 file.  More clear?

Ok, I thought you'd use the time track feature for something. In Audacity, you can add a time track that can control the tempo of the playback and maybe the recording to, by drawing an envelope like curve in the track. But that would of course mess up everything.

Anyway, I'm most sure I'll use Audacity, too.

Tentative date for completing the audio files is Monday, May 20th - 4 weeks from today.  I am verifying with our sound engineer, Raymond Kemp, that this date gives him enough time to get the completed file back to us in time to integrate it into our June 1st program.  If he asks for an earlier date, I'll post that date as a correction.

For now, deadline is Monday May 20th.

Thanks everyone!

Would it be possible to listen to some of the tracks as soon as any of them gets ready? I'd like to at least try to pronounce English as most of you do.

Well you might be better off NOT.  Americans generally do a terrible job on pronouncing 'R' in music . . and several of the combined vowel sounds too -- and it comes off sounding like some kind of cowboy western.  :-)

That's funny, B!   Johan, if you think it might help, you (and everyone else) will have access to the tracks as soon as anyone posts theirs.  I don't know how soon anyone will be doing that, but I have a feeling your pronunciation will be just fine.  Remember that we have folks with Southern accents, Northern accents, California accents, and so forth - so we may all confuse you even more.  I can barely understand people from Boston or from Georgia!  ;-)

We'll see if Grace or any of her folks is planning to have their version ready soon.  The high school kids are nearing exam time so their time is limited.   Let us know if you feel like you're stumped without an example, and we'll see what we can do!

To me, American pronunciation of English is either Southern accent or not Southern accent. I wouldn't be able to tell any other differences. My own English tend to follow British pronunciation.


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