At the Composer's Site, I learned of the posted composition opportunity for works requested for the project; Simply Stunning: Violin and Piano. The deadline to submit compositions is 21 March 2014. Yet, at, it seems as though I can not submit because I missed the posting deadline.

Query: As a new member, may I still submit works?


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Greetings Edward and welcome to VirtualArtists.

I'm so sorry if the posting you saw was misleading.  Here is what we posted.  Several other composers have passed this information along at other places on the internet, and perhaps didn't include all the information?   This was the original posting at 


Simply Stunning - Violin and Piano Composition Competition

3 - 4 minutes in length
Violin and Piano duet
Accessible to general audiences
Playable by amateur and professional performers
Composer may be any age

Winning pieces will be performed and recorded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
There may be more than one winner, at the presenter's discretion
Deadline for announcing your intention to enter: January 25, 2014

Please see the listed website for all details.

21 Mar 2014
As you see, there were/are two deadlines - one to declare an intention to enter and one to actually send in the entry.  The first deadline was back in January.   You're welcome to send a piece for group enjoyment and discussion, but it's too late to be part of the formal competition.

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