Who will be the first person who can identify this wonderful piece? 

Listening - Pop Quiz - 2013 - February

  Winner will become our Featured Member for the month following his/her correct answer.

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Every week we'll post a clue, in case no one can identify the work.

Correct answer will include:

1.  The name of the composer

2.  The names of each instrument in the piece

3.  The complete name of the piece

4.  The dates of the composer and his/her country of origin.


--VirtualArtists Team

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Clue #1:   This famous composer is from a country in South America. 

Clue #2:  Although one of the instruments sounds like a bassoon, it's actually a different woodwind!

Quatuor for harp, celesta, flute, saxophone by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Congratulations to noahbalamucki - what are the composer's dates and country?

March 5, 1887 – November 17, 1959


Wow Noah, how did you get this one so quickly?   Great job ...

Congrats, Noah!

Noah is our official winner.   He will be our Featured Member for the month of March!

A search of "flute, harp, celesta south america" on Google yields a video of Villa-Lobos' "Sextuor Mystique." 

A subsequent search of "flute, harp, celesta villa lobos" comes up with his "Quatuor." 

Interestingly, I never recognized the saxophone for what it was, which is why my original searches for bassoon and then cor anglais came up short. It was ear-opening to hear the sax played in something of a classical setting. It's beautiful.

Julie Harris said:

Wow Noah, how did you get this one so quickly?   Great job ...

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