Hi everyone! 

I'm new here, so I thought it would be nice If I introduce myself somehow :)

My name is Oliver, I'm 24 years old I come from Slovakia, Europe and I'm a composer, multiinstrumentalist and singer.

I'm trying to make my own music for a couple of years now, still learning something new. I like to change styles. I've been doing some muic for facebook games( Emporea:Realms of war and Magic by Pixel Federation), I've done some songs for various artists and right now I also have my own project of piano and guitar original instrumental pieces with which I also perform live and I'm about to release an LP album in the beginning of 2017. I also released a debut EP album released in May 2016. You can listen to it or buy it here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/releases 

Or you can check out my soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/oliver-nosaczynski-bohovic

For the future, I'd love to make some film music, to write my own songs and just to make people happy so that my music makes sense, and making money out of doing so would be great too! :)

Nice to meet you all!

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