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I am not sure if I am posting this in the right category, if not, perhaps an admin can move this to where it needs to be. My friend Fredrick Zinos, wrote a melody in what I would call a traditional style, and then I wrote harmony for it in what I would call a non-traditional style. I think it overall came out pretty good, what do you think?


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NIce job, Gav.  I particularly liked the non-diatonic chords at some of your cadences.  When you're exploring different kinds of harmonization, you might want to explore a recent MusicWiz article on Harmonic Planing.  I think it might be right up your alley! 

Harmonic Planing and Constant Structure Chords

Hi Harmonia and thanks! Your article is interesting (I am assuming you wrote it) ! I guess I was planing and didn't even know it! I found the Stravinsky wonderful. I have played the Debussy before and it's one of my favorite pieces of his. Bartok is one of my favorite composers and I have played from the Mikrokosmos, although not the piece featured in the article. I think one aspect of planing is that it comes in part from the physical nature of the piano - which is to say that the instrument lends itself to planing - it's kind of easy to do. One of the under appreciated aspects of music is the physical joy of playing one's instrument. For me, there is nothing quite so pleasing as playing a 7th chord because in part it uses most of your hand in a way which is indescribably satisfying. I have even argued in other places that the physicality of instruments is a factor in composing and should be taken advantage of - not a popular argument (the counter argument offered is that composing should be independent of the instrument, or at least, not driven by it). But I think it is so

Here is the score in case there is interest


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