Film music is a genre worth writing for, even if the pay is sometimes nonexistent, the creative license of the composer is often compromised and the sound effects consistently drown out your freshly recorded score. If you've got a score you're proud of, a score you hate or a score that you would just like some feedback on, this discussion's for you. 

I don't want to put anyone on the spot, so I'll submit my score for discussion first.

As you might know, I recently scored a clip from "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Your constructive criticism, positive or negative, is much appreciated. 

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Harmonia said:

Hi Ken - what an intriguing piece!  What's the significance of "The Path" - title and video - in connection with Tchaikovsky and his biography?   Forgive me if everyone else but me knows the connection.  I know Tchaikovsky was a great orchestrator, and your orchestration is wonderful.  I especially like the section beginning around 2:30 or so where the woodwinds come in.  My favorite section, even though it is short, is the Leggiero section with the woodwind solos.   Your woodwinds are luscious.

What software did you use to create the piece?   What sound libraries do you use?

Thank you, Harmonia, because it's on youtube I was obligated to put  a video component in it, but there's no real connection. So you're not missing anything. I use Digital Performer to record and Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra for the sounds. Because of the web site limitations that we discussed I couldn't post the entire "Birds" cues here on this thread. And I won't post any more on youtube at this point. But there are a few, Like this one.

I have a cue that really highlights the precision of locking music to picture with DP, but it would have to be uploaded as a single file <100MB outside of this thread. I would be happy to do so if people are interested, for educational purposes.

I hope this makes sense.

I also liked the piece very much. The instrumentation is outstanding. I'll have to listen a few times to get a sense of what shape the chord structure has (where it's going, how it gets there, etc.) very pretty. Also a good mix. Nice instrument sounds and well-applied filters.

I would give my right arm to have a film to write music for. I don't think I'd care if the action overshadowed my music.  In this case, I think I might have made some different instrument choices, and I actually think that the music distracted from the action a bit. That's probably a function of the mix. (That's my harsh critical part). Having said that, the music is fitting and in character. 

Everything I write holds visual images for me. It must be quite a buzz to learn what others see in your music.

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